Smile Heart Food Co., Ltd (SMF) produced frozen seafood product for local and export. Located in Samutsakorn, the one of center of the fresh seafood raw material in Thailand . Manufacturer of “Aroymark”

Crab Nugget,Fish Tofu,Fried Fish Ball,Imitation Crab Cake,Sandwich Fish Tofu,Seasoned Topping Fish Tofu,Thai Fish Cake

Garlic Taste, German Spicy Taste, Black Pepper Taste

Crab Claw with Pincer,Crab Cocktail,Crab Flake,Crab Stick,Imitation Painted Crab Claw,Imitation Scallop,Robster,Squid Ring

Coconut Fish Ball,Cuttlefish Ball,Cuttlefish with Sea Weed Ball,Fish Ball,Fish Cake,Green Tea Fish Ball,Imitation Crab Ball,Salmon Fish Ball,Shrimp Ball,Vegetable Fish Ball

Curry Fried Rice,Fried Banana,Kimchi,Paadthai,Pineapple Fried Rice,Sea Food Fried Rice,Sea Food Soup with Nuddle,Sea Food Soup with Rice,Spaghetti,Vegetable Fried Rice

Breaded Fish Portion,Breaded Fish Stick,Crab Claw with Pincer,Imitation Breaded Scallop,Imitation Breaded Shrimp,Imitation Breaded Squid Ring,Sea Bomb

Spring Roll, Hoyjor

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